Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Road Blocks??? (Thoughts appreciated!)

Just taking a second to update on the whole project-planning process...

Feeling slightly frustrated and overwhelmed with the project as a whole, though this stage in planning is always the most frustrating. I tend to get stuck in the minutia of all the details, and I think that's contributing to my feeling of being under water. Thoughts anyone???

Kate and I really hashed out the week-by-week analysis of what needs to get done when, and how long we plan to draw the process out. It seems as though we are in agreement that this project needs to start right as school begins again in January after the winter break. We see the students once every 6 days, which leaves us with about 20 sessions to work with and guide students towards this final goal.

I spent a good chunk of time gathering information for our initial "hook" activity to create a "need to know" attitude in our students. That was something I really enjoyed getting to delve into. I also spent a good chunk of time (more than I would like to admit to) trying to assemble a "Project Asset Map" on the computer. I had drawn out my own map using "fun" shapes, however I could not find a way to reproduce what I had drawn on the computer! Nothing looked "just right" so I may just draw it myself...

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