Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Never Know Where It Might Lead...

Just finished reading chapter 11 in the Boss & Krauss book. At first I was a little anxious for the chapter to end because it focused so much on what happens after the project, and that's never important, right? However, it made me realize a critical point: traditional teaching does not teach us how to react to our work once the results have come in. I know I definitely have been trained that way, what with so many standardized tests being required in education today. I never thought it was important; the important things were the grade on the test, finishing the performance, getting the score, the number.

I guess what I have realized is that there are so many opportunities beyond the sphere of the end results. What we learned and how we learned what we learned are two synonymously important hemispheres. You never know where it might lead...the "end result" might just be the springboard into something completely unexpected. I'd like to think the possibilities are endless.

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